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Friday, November 28, 2008

Transitions - the bumps, bruises, collisions and Aha Moments!

With any type of transition a person will encounter eye-opening situations, some of which will equate to a small bump, some will leave bruising and others will equate to blossoming similar to that of a butterfly.

Listen to the show and here about the transitions underway by TJ and Rosalind.

TJ is a College student majoring in Culinary Arts. He attends the Nations #2 ranked culinary arts school -Johnson and Whales University. TJ is rounding out his 2nd year of college while living on the Rhode Island campus of J & W, without a car and approximately 400 miles away from home.

Rosalind has been a stay at home Mom and part-time Realtor for eight years. She has recognized the need to transition to a position that would fit the economic needs of her family. Rosalind will discuss her journey over the last 6 months.


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