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Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduating in Turbulent Economic Times

The buzz in the media is centered on the economic issues that the nation is facing. Especially, the number of unemployed. There has also been coverage of job fairs showing people waiting for hours to enter the job fair to speak with potential employers. Now in a matter of weeks students will be graduating from college.

So what can they do in the next weeks to prepare for the impeding job market? What is the first step future college graduates can take today to prepare for the job market of the future?

Tune in when I talk to Nancy Salzman and Janice Hopkins of UCI Extension.

Nancy Salzman, Assistant Director of the Business Management and Legal Education at UC Irvine Extension.

Janice Hopkins, UCI Extension Director of Marketing & Communications.

Nancy Salzman and Janice Hopkins can be contacted by going to the UC Irvine Extension website

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