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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life After College Sports

Just this week Jeffrey Jordan the son of Michael Jordan announced that after two years of playing College Basketball he is quitting to concentrate on life after college. Most of us would imagine that being an offspring of Michael Jordan, Jeffrey would naturally become a pro basketball player. However, he has given up this journey plus a basketball scholarship to focus on life after college.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) fewer than 3% of college athletes turn pro and in certain sports this percentage is even lower.

In light of the low percentage turning pro, I am very curious in regards to how this information is being shared with college athletes and more importantly how college athletes are preparing for life after college sports. So tune in to the conversation with Elke Hardt to find out what college athletes are doing to prepare for life after college sports!

Elke Hardt is an Assistant Director with the Hegi Family Career Development Center at SMU in Dallas, TX. She has a Master of Education degree in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College in Massachusetts. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Elke worked for the Canadian Olympic Association offering career development assistance and transition counseling to national team athletes.

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