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Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking Care of Yourself!

Taking Care of Yourself! Sounds simple and rational but somehow it gets missed in the equation.

Just think, how can you compete in this job market if you are not functioning at your most optimal level? So now is the time for you to stop and take care of yourself. Perhaps for you it is 5 minutes of meditation or a 2 hour movie for someone else.

The point is for you to start taking care of yourself: (1) body, (2) mind and (3) soul. One of the best ways for me to take care of body, mind and soul is music. On Career Quest, I will be joined by the Jazz Angels. Barry Cogert - Executive Director, Albert Alva - Co-Director and 9 talented young musicians from Jazz Angel, Inc have a great show in store for you.

So tune in for conversation about taking care of yourself and some wonderful Jazz Music.

Barry Cogert and Albert Alva can be reached via



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