Career Quest with Emily

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recession-Proofing Your Career – How workers are finding new ways to transition their skill sets into new industries

How can you take your current skill sets and transition them into a different industry? How can you succeed in your current career?

Nancy Salzman and Janice Hopkins of UCI Extension join me to discuss this topic.

Nancy Salzman, Assistant Director of Business Management and Legal Education at UC Irvine Extension. Nancy is responsible for the planning and development of UC Irvine Extensions’ current certificate and specialized programs and for the creation of new programs that are required by the market and audiences within the business community. She has experience in law, management and education fields.

Janice Hopkins is the UCI Extension Director of Marketing & Communications. Janice Hopkins has over 20 years of executive level marketing and communications experience. Her areas of expertise include brand development, direct response advertising and multicultural marketing.

Nancy and Janice can be contacted via

Friday, January 9, 2009

Your Incredible Future!

Contrary to what you may hear or experienced lately, you do indeed have an incredible future awaiting you!

Doug Bender, Sr. joins me to discuss this fabulous journey that awaits you!

Doug has worked as a senior HR executive for some of the most exciting people-oriented organizations in corporate America including Miller Brewing Company, Uncle Ben’s Foods, Dove International, M&M/Mars, and Kal Kan Petcare. In 2003, he formed Paladin Consulting Services, Inc. an organization dedicated to inspiring new ways of thinking and creativity designed for organizational excellence in HR Effectiveness, Leadership Development, and Team Performance. Doug has also recently written a book entitled ‘The ABCs of Leadership’ which received a 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards Bronze Medal. He is also Founder and Managing Director of a newly developed HR consulting consortium called ONYX Global HR LLC. Doug is also a guest writer and management consulting expert for the highly successful web incubator for business startups ‘’.