Career Quest with Emily

Friday, November 28, 2008

Transitions - the bumps, bruises, collisions and Aha Moments!

With any type of transition a person will encounter eye-opening situations, some of which will equate to a small bump, some will leave bruising and others will equate to blossoming similar to that of a butterfly.

Listen to the show and here about the transitions underway by TJ and Rosalind.

TJ is a College student majoring in Culinary Arts. He attends the Nations #2 ranked culinary arts school -Johnson and Whales University. TJ is rounding out his 2nd year of college while living on the Rhode Island campus of J & W, without a car and approximately 400 miles away from home.

Rosalind has been a stay at home Mom and part-time Realtor for eight years. She has recognized the need to transition to a position that would fit the economic needs of her family. Rosalind will discuss her journey over the last 6 months.

Friday, November 14, 2008

If I am So Smart, Why is My Career a Mess?

Do you sometimes wonder why your career is not quite going the way you would like it to? Well, take a listen to 6 minutes of eye opening conversation.

If you are interested in more conversation, let me know and I will get my guest back in the studio.

My guest is John Hall. John Hall, Executive Career Consultant has assisted hundreds of executives and management employees through career transitions. John has had articles published in "The Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly", "The Alumni Newsletter for the Wharton Business School" and the "Orange County Register". For two and half years, he hosted a talk show, Career Strategies on

At Chapman University, John developed and taught the only graduate outplacement course in the nation. He also taught Advanced Job Search Strategies in the Graduate Career Counseling Program at the University of California, San Diego.